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Technical Specifications:

The Demon is the most powerful production muscle car ever. With up to 840 horsepower when using race gas and 808 on premium, this might be best quarter-mile weapon in the museum.

Knowing people would likely drag race these, Dodge focused on weight savings and sold the car without a passenger or rear seats. Over 100 pounds were saved, but they could be added back in for just $1 each if you weren't so extreme. While it has many similarities to the Hellcat, over 25 components are changed including new pistons, rods, the fuel injection system, and a larger 2.7L supercharger with up to 14.5 lbs of boost.

This particular car also has the Demon Crate which was also $1. Inside are a bunch go-fast items including a set of narrow front-runner drag wheels, Demon-branded track tools, and a performance powertrain control module with high-octane engine calibration, and several other things to get the most out of the car at the drag strip.

Acceleration times are astounding. 0-30 mph takes only one second. 0-60 mph in 2.3 and the quarter-mile time is under 10 seconds. Be careful at the track, anything that runs under 10 seconds or over 135 mph is supposed to have an NHRA certified cage.

We got this Demon along with another one that we will be sharing soon. This makes our third in the museum collection, with one in F8 Green, one in TorRed, and the B5 Blue Pearl that is shown here. It is as new, with only 4 original miles. It is well optioned with a sunroof, full interior, and no extreme weight-saving measures.