Do you need volunteers?

Yes, we are always looking for volunteers. Click the link below to download the application form. Please complete the form and follow the instructions on the bottom of page 2 to submit your application.

Download the Volunteer Application Form

Who owns the cars?

This is the private collection of Mark Pieloch

Do the cars ever get driven?

The cars are on a regular maintenance cycle, and get started and driven, with the exception of the very low mile vehicles which are only started.

Do you buy them to restore or do you buy them restored?

Most often the cars are purchased restored, but occasionally some may need cosmetics, cleaning, detailing, etc.

Is the museum open to the public?

No, but there are charitable events that will give the public the opportunity to see the cars. Admission will most often require a donation to a select charity.

Are the cars for sale?

As a rule no, however we have a handful of cars that are duplicates and may be sold.

Would you like to buy my car?

The cars being added to the collection must meet a very stringent criteria including rarity, condition, etc.

If I belong to a car club do I get in?

Possibly. If the car club is having an event at the facility, registered participants will have access to the front showroom only.

Are you hiring?

Currently all positions are full.