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Technical Specifications:


  • Only 483 produced
  • Flashaway Hydra-Matic transmission
  • Carter four barrel carburetor
  • Power steering and brakes
  • Whitewall tires
  • Push button radio
  • Reclining front seats
  • Padded dash
  • Frame-off restoration
  • Numbers matching car

Photos & text courtesy of Mecum Auctions

In 1957 there was nothing better to take to a drive-in movie than the Hudson Hornet Hollywood: the front passenger and driver's seats, advertised as the widest of any car, folded down to make a bed. As popular as that idea might have been, the Hollywood is now an exceedingly rare find, especially one that has been rotisserie restored to such incredible condition. Only 483 Hollywoods were built, a few of which were equipped with AMC’s brand new 327/255 HP V-8. Coupled to a Flashaway Hydra-Matic transmission, the 327-powered Hollywood could really get up and go.