CTEK Battery Chargers
As our maintenance on the collection continuously evolves, we have found that CTEK chargers and maintainers best fit the collections needs. Starting with our onsite maintenance shop, we have three CTEK MXS 25 EC units, each unit is mounted to our lifts in the shop, 1 on each of the 4-post lifts and one on our 2-post lift. These have 19 foot cables that make using them very convenient, along with a built in temperature sensor to compensate if the battery being charged starts to overheat. The second part to our program is using CTEK MUS 25000. We have 4 of these units that we rotate around the cars that are not on battery maintainers. We have the collection divided into 12 sections, charging one section per week. The third part to our program is we have certain cars using the CTEK MXS 5.0 battery maintainers. We have received strong technical support from CTEK and firmly believe in their products.

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