Sunshine State Superkids Classic - Melbourne

November 17, 2018

8:00am - 3:00pm

Sunshine State Superkids Classic - Melbourne

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Event Details:

Sunshine State Superkids is starting the 2nd year of racing. We are a non-profit organization that does soap box derby racing with special needs children. We also work with the local Foster Care Group Homes.

This is the best way for siblings to get involved with each other, sadly this happens to often.

We have 2 seat soap box derby cars for the children to race against other children in the area. This event is FREE to all the children, including food and drinks for the day. All you need to bring is canopy and chairs, so you can sit and watch the children race.

These events are all day. We ask for you to be at the site around 8am to register, practice runs for the drivers will start about that time. The races then will start right after a quick meeting with all. It depends on the number of children we have come out depends on the time finished, usually between 1 pm and 3 pm.


If interested in having your child/children be part of these events, please contact us, email or phone.

Funds raised from this event will go to Sunshine State Superkids, who does soap box derby events with special needs children through the Central Florida area. SSS does these events for the children for FREE, including breakfast, lunch and drinks for the day.