For The Love of Paws

December 3, 2022

5:00pm - 9:00am

For The Love of Paws

3500 Sarno Road. Melbourne, FL 32934
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For The Love of Paws


For The Love of Paws Flyer

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A Sanctuary for Senior Pets who have lost their Senior Citizen owner, who have become temporarily incapacitated, placed in a nursing home, or rehabilitation facility, or have become deceased.

To Adopt these Senior Pets into FOREVER HOMES or Provide LIFETIME Sanctuary care for them so they may live out their lives to some comparison to what they have had prior to losing their Senior Owners. Our Sanctuary is a Country Farm and Cage-less!

To Establish a Pet Food Bank and Partnership with local Food Banks to help those in need to keep their pets instead of abandoning or surrendering them to local shelters for lack of food.

To Develop and present programs that match adult/senior pets and their senior citizen owner to their mutual benefit.

We Support Spay/Neuter as the Best Solution to the overpopulation problem among companion pets.

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