Space Coast Honor Flight Fundraiser

October 28, 2023

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Space Coast Honor Flight Fundraiser

3500 Sarno Road. Melbourne, FL 32934
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Space Coast Honor Flight Fundraiser

Event Details:

Space Coast Honor Flight's (SCHF) mission is to take World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam Veterans to visit their War Memorials in Washington D.C.  This is a unique opportunity to show our gratitude to these Heroes who made it possible for us to enjoy the freedoms we have today.   Our trip's priorities are to ensure the safety and dignity of our Veterans!  To enhance the experience each Veteran is paired with a Guardian escort and has a wheelchair available.   This is a long day and there is a fair amount of walking.  In addition, we travel with several staff members including a medical doctor and videographer. We have seven flights scheduled for our 2022 season.   Veterans are scheduled based on the date of receipt of their application.  You may also join the mission as a Guardian Escort, a Volunteer, or just help us locate Veterans!  SCHF Veteran scheduling is based on the following priorities and calls to schedule an actual trip will be made to Veterans in these categories based on the postmark/receipt date of the application: 


   1. Any Critically ill Veteran         

   2. World War II Veterans (Service through 1948)         

   3. Korean War Veterans (Service 1949 to 1954)         

   4. Vietnam Veterans (Service 1955 to 1975)         

   5. Recent conflicts (Service 1976 to present) 


We have several hundred applications on file.   If you have a question about your place on the Veteran list please send an email with your Name, Phone Number, & Specific Question to: or call us:  321 456-7031.   Our Veteran Coordinator will get back to you.  


If your health dramatically changes and you believe you should be advanced on the list contact us at 321 456-7031 or  and we will get back to you immediately