Video Description

Here is AMCM's Ed Dedick covering the facts and features of the collection's 1968 Chevrolet Yenko 396 Camaro. For 1968, Yenko ordered 70 cars for conversion. These were ordered special through the Chevrolet's central office or COPO (Central Office Production Order). The code for the Sports Car Conversion package was #9737, which included an MV-coded 375hp 396 with a special carburetor, heavy-duty F41 suspension, a 140-MPH speedometer, 12-bolt Posi-traction axle, and an M-21 four-speed transmission.
Coming from a group of late-build ’68 Camaros, and with the new-style ’69 Camaros soon to hit the streets, Yenko sold the cars "as-is" rather than spend the time and money doing the full conversion. This is one of those six unconverted late 1968 cars and thought to be only one of two that exists today. Check out the video for more info on this awesome Yenko and the interesting history of our vehicle.
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