Video Description

The late '70s weren't the best time for the American Muscle Car, but there were a few bright spots including this 1977 Pontiac Can Am. Considered by some to be the last Muscle Car, this modified Pontiac LeMans-based package was a one-year-only model. With mid to high 15 second quarter-mile times, this large car was quick for the era.
Pontiac had production issues with the rear spoiler, and only around 1,100 cars were produced. Two engines were offered depending on where the car was sold. The standard engine would be a Pontiac 400 engine paired with the three-speed automatic TH400 and 3.08 rear gears. For California or high-altitude county dealers, the car came with an Oldsmobile 403 V8, hooked up to three-speed automatic TH350 and 2.41 rear gears. Only forty-two of these Oldsmobile-powered cars were produced, including our car. No manual transmissions were offered.
In this video, AMCM's Ed Dedick covers our Cameo White with Red interior Can Am. This restored example is a recent addition and will join the ten other Pontiacs in the museum collection. For more information, head over to