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Out of the Porsche portion of the museum comes this 1979 Porsche 930 Turbo. The 930 was initially intended for production to satisfy race car homologation rules. However, when the rules of the series were changed killing the competition car, Porsche continued on and it resulted in the production of their first turbocharged road car.
The 930 was introduced at the Paris Auto Show in October 1974, on sale in the spring of 1975, then exported to the United States beginning in 1976. Due to changing emissions regulations in the United States, Porsche was forced to withdraw the 930 from the market in 1980. We recently added this important piece of Porsche history to the museum collection. This Black and Black car has only 41 original miles and is an outstanding example of a U.S. Spec 930 Turbo. For more on this and all the other cars in the museum, head over to