1996 Corvette Grand Sports

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Video Description

1996 was the last year for the C4 generation Corvette. Over 358,000 were produced since being introduced in 1984, and two special editions were offered to celebrate this final year. 5,412 Collector's Edition Corvettes were produced, all with the LT4 330 horsepower engine and all in Sebring Silver. Even more rare were the Corvette Grand Sports, with only one thousand built. Offered in Coupe and Convertible body styles, these cars were all in Admiral Blue exteriors with a white stripe, with either black or red interiors.


In this video, AMCM's Andrew Mackey covers the four Grand Sports in the AMCM Collection. With two coupes and two convertibles, in one of each interior option, these Corvettes represent the best of all four types of C4 Grand Sports. They remain in showroom condition, and these cars have less than 50 original miles combined.