Video Description

This time, we have a pair of awesome 1969 Yenko Camaros. Both are L72 427-powered cars with a four-speed manual transmission. Check out the video with Ed Dedick for more on this pair of historically significant Camaros. The Olympic Gold Yenko is one of ten in that color for 1969. This numbers-matching car has received a body-off restoration and has just over 11,000 original miles. It is also COPO & SYC Super Car Registry documented. The Dover White Yenko is one of two in that color for 1969. It is also one of approximately 22-25 Douglass-ordered COPO Camaros with Yenko emblems and stripes added by Douglass in Chicago. The records show that 201 Yenko Super Camaros were sold in 1969, and approximately 25 of those cars were produced not at Yenko’s Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, dealership but at Jack Douglass Chevrolet in Chicago. Check out the video for more information on these rare and iconic Camaros.