Video Description

Starting in 1990, Chevrolet brought back the ZR1 name and created the fastest and most refined Corvette yet. This ZR1 option didn't come cheap, doubling the base price of the car from around $30k up to $60k. While this was a lot of money, the performance could compare to the best from any manufacturer. By adapting the Lotus’s four-valve head technology to the Corvette’s 350-cubic inch V8 engine, power was increased to nearly 400 horsepower. These "King Of The Hill" ZR1 Corvettes are easily some of the most desirable and collectible C4s.


In this video, Ed covers the C4 ZR1 and our two low mileage examples. Only 6,939 cars were built in the six-year period from 1990-1995. The 1991 ZR1 is in a Bright Red and the last year 1995 is in a Competition Yellow. Both of these cars are in as new condition, both having just 22 original miles. Take a look at the video for more information!