Gallery Description

The second part of Brevard Alzheimer's weekend was the ALZ BBQ. This is the 26th year of this BBQ, with the past three cookouts taking place here at the museum. Each year, a car, specifically a MOPAR (Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler) Muscle Car is selected and raffle tickets are sold throughout the year with the winner selected every year at the BBQ Cookout. This year people had a chance at winning a beautiful 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger, in Bright Red with a 4-speed manual transmission!
Luckily, the winner was in attendance. Tom Knowles of St. Cloud, Florida won the car in front of everyone gathered for the grand drawing. It was a great culmination of a year-long drawing with over 3,000 people purchasing tickets.
Next year's car was also shown to the crowd, a 1970 Plymouth 440 GTX. This should continue the great tradition of successful raffle cars for an important cause. We also had the museum opened for attendees for three hours, in addition to great food and drinks outside. For more info on next years car or info about the Brevard Alzheimer's Foundation, check out their website at