Gallery Description

The Brevard County Medical Society held their October Membership meeting here at the AMCM on Wednesday, October 27th. As with previous years, a certain topic was highlighted with a guest speaker. This year's guest was Dr. Rebekah Bernard whose presentation was on advocating for physician-led care. Her book Patients at Risk - The Rise of the Nurse Practioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare covers many of these items covered in her presentation. Afterward, sponsors were thanked and BCMS members were able to check out the entire collection, now with over 375 cars.
The Brevard County Medical Society is actually over 100 years old, founded in 1904. They are a professional and scientific organization of medical and osteopathic physicians in Brevard County whose mission is to preserve, and enhance, the practice of medicine. For more on them, check out Big thanks to Marigolds Of Melbourne who provided the food for the evening. It was an excellent and tasty display! Beer, wine, and soft drinks were provided by the American Muscle Car Museum.