Gallery Description

On Saturday, March 26, the Museum hosted the Riverside District Pinewood Derby. Over a four-hour period, groups of Scouts arrived at the Museum and raced their Pinewood Derby cars inside the western end of the main showroom. The entire Museum was open to view, along with a NASCAR available for a photo opportunity and a coloring station featuring cars from the American Muscle Car Museum collection. The Museum provided drinks and cookies for everyone on hand. Nearly 100 children participated, and it was the fourth year the Museum has hosted the Riverside District Pinewood Derby. We were happy to again host, and we look forward again to next year.
The first Pinewood Derby race was held on May 15, 1953, and each derby has slightly different rules for making and racing its cars. Each Scout begins with a block of wood, four plastic wheels, and four nails for axles. It cannot weigh more than five ounces, must not exceed a certain width and length. Other than the basic design rules, the Scouts are able to shape and decorate the car as they choose.
Special thanks to Misty Rodriguez, Robert Jordan, and the other Scout parents, along with our AMCM Volunteers for all their help. Here is a look at the Riverside District Pinewood Derby.