Gallery Description

The Children's Advocacy Center of Brevard held another evening fundraiser at the AMCM on Saturday, April 30th. The event had an American Graffiti theme, complete with 50's theme dress and decorations. Thanks to the support of sponsorships, ticket sales, and the auctions, CACB was able to raise more than $40k! Here is a look at the evening.
The Mission of the CACB is to improve our community’s response to child abuse and neglect by:
- Providing a comprehensive multi-agency team whose first responsibility is to the child victims.
- Advocating for the total well-being of children; building a relationship of trust.
- Reducing trauma.
- Promoting therapy for child victims and their families.
- Holding offenders’ accountable.
- Calling the community’s attention to the issue of child abuse and neglect.