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Technical Specifications:



  • Last original Yenko Camaro built
  • 1 of 3 Stage I 1981 Yenko Camaros built
  • 1 of 19 1981 Yenko Camaros built with Turbo Charge
  • Fully documented with original build sheet and sales records
  • Body-off restoration
  • Numbers matching car

This 1981 Yenko Camaro Turbo Z is the last original Yenko Camaro built. Our collection has both the first and the last original Yenko Camaros built. This Turbo Z is one of sixteen Stage 1 cars, featuring a turbo with 7 psi, upping the power from 175 horsepower to 300. The improvements were not limited to just the engine, with a functional hood scoop, 15-inch Turbo White Rally wheels, and various aerodynamic enhancements. Only 19 Turbo Z cars were built, due in part to the high $11K Stage I and $17.5K Stage II sticker prices compared to the $8,300 Z28