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Technical Specifications:



  • First Camaro delivered to Yenko
  • Built on the first day of production
  • Documented in Yenko inventory for one year
  • Commonly believed to be a developmental mule or test car for the Yenko 427 Conversions but unproven
  • The earliest Camaro on the 1967 Yenko inventory list
  • Traction bar 3.73 Positraction rear end
  • Documented with copies of Yenko Chevrolet's GM floorplan invoices from 1966 and 1967
  • The confidential VINs on the cowl and under the heater box match
  • Two year comprehensive restoration

Text courtesy of Mecum Auctions

This 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS coupe originally sold from Yenko Chevrolet, has accompanying documentation, which confirms two very important facts: it was built on the first day of production, and it was delivered to Yenko Chevrolet on September 1, 1966 to become the first Camaro ever listed in Yenko Chevrolet’s inventory records. Records show that it was listed on the General Motors Acceptance Corporation statement as invoice number BN00197, its first Date of Note being September 27, 1966. A later GMAC statement shows it was paid for on November 5, 1967. According to Yenko archivist Warren Dernoshek, those documents confirm that the car remained at Yenko for approximately one year, prompting the obvious question: why? Some believe that this 1967 Camaro, likely built in the 23rd hour of the first day of production, was used to develop the Yenko Super Camaro conversion. That belief, however, cannot be confirmed. What is known about the car is that it was originally produced as a V8 coupe, most likely a small block car as big block production did not commence until November 1966. Its authenticity is confirmed by examining the hidden serial numbers stamped into the cowl and beneath the heater box opening on the firewall.

Extensive two-year restoration was completed in 2014, in the process modifying it to Yenko Super Camaro specifications using date-code correct components. Finished in the original Granada Gold, it now packs a date code-correct 427 CI engine block using heads, intake manifold and carburetor correctly coded as Corvette L72 427/450 HP components. Other details, including the Muncie 4-speed with Muncie shifter, 12-bolt 3.73 Positraction rear end, factory traction bars, Yenko Green-face custom tach and gauges and fiberglass Stinger hood, further add to the authenticity of this outstanding restoration and conversion. We may never know what purpose was served by keeping the car at Yenko Chevrolet for over a year; there was nothing in the records to show it was itself an actual Yenko Super Camaro conversion. But one thing is certain: this historically significant first-day Camaro is now an accurate rendition of the original Yenko Super Camaro..